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Deformation resistance and structure of a hot-rolled aZ31 magnesium alloy

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An experiment leading to obtaining the mathematical model of the mean equivalent stress (MES) of magnesium alloy AZ31 was realized in the laboratory rolling mill. Neglecting of the speed term in the resulting model of MES was possible by a relatively narrow range of applied strain rates, and also by the fact that a close relationship between height strain and strain rate exists. The paper also [...]

Laboratory simulation of hot rolling of trip steel in the twostand Steckel mill

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The aim of the performed laboratory simulations was to verify chances of the production of hot rolled strips from a TRIP steel in conditions of the reversible rolling in the two-stand Steckel rolling mill. The unique experimental equipment was used for conducting these simulations. The laboratory hot rolled strips from the TRIP steel underwent subsequently the mechanical and microscopic analysis[...]

Influence of finish rolling temperature on properties of middleand high-carbon steels

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The influence of a change of the finish rolling temperature on the structural characteristics and mechanical properties of 3 selected types of the medium to high-carbon steel (H02C050, H09C070, H09C080) in relation to the intended normalized or thermomechanical rolling in the continuous wire rod mill at Třinecké železárny a.s. (further TŽ) was assessed. The laboratory rolling mill Tandem in the[...]

Effect of finish-rolling conditions on properties of HSLA Steel QStE460N

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The research, carried out on the basis of the laboratory rolling, led to finding that the finish-rolling conditions in the Universal rolling mill (Třinecké železárny a.s.) cannot in general influence the resulting structural and mechanical properties of the rolled product very much. The decrease in the finish rolling temperature from 960 °C to 810 °C resulted in the increase of the yield stress [...]

Quantification of influence of the deformation heat in the high reduction rolling

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The laboratory rolling mill TANDEM was equipped with a pair of the high-speed temperature scanners LANDSCAN, enabling the accurate computer recording of surface temperatures of the rolling stocks with relatively small dimensions and the high speed of movement. By means of the used software, the task was managed, consisting in the on-line computing and displaying the maximum value of the tempera[...]

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