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Real Time Prototype to Measure Structural Acceleration and Tilt of High-Rise Building DOI:10.15199/48.2015.02.40

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Smart sensor is the new invention applying to detect the damage of the high-rise civil building structural health. Sensor technology offers new opportunities to advance monitoring for civil large building infrastructure health and maintenance by providing relevant information regarding the condition of high-rise building structural strength at a light price and greater bulk than traditional monitoring tactics. The aim of this article is to validate the MEMS accelerometer sensor to measure vibration and tilt of the high-rise civil building infrastructures. The experimental result shows that the propose prototype has been successfully measured high-rise building vibration and tilt sensing information. Streszczenie. W artykule opisano możliwości zastosowania czujników przyśpieszenia typu MEMS do pomiaru wibracji i odchylenia konstrukcji budynków. Przedstawione wyniki badań eksperymentalnych potwierdzają przydatność tych czujników szczególnie w sytuacjach dużych zagrożeń. Prototyp systemu pomiarowego do badania wibracji i odchylenia konstrukcji budynków. Keywords: Structural health monitoring, acceleration, tilt, MEMS sensor. Słowa kluczowe: czujniki przyśpieszenia, czujniki MEMS, ochrona budynków. Introduction Structural health monitoring (SHM) is an active area of research devoted to systems that can autonomously and proactively assess the structural integrity of bridges, buildings, and aerospace vehicles. Recent technological advances promise the eventual ability to cover a large civil structure with low-cost sensors that can continuously monitor a building’s structural health. Large civil structures such as buildings form the backbone of our society and are critical to its daily operation. Inspectors typically assess them manually, but a networked computer system that could automatically assess structural integrity and pinpoint the existence and location of any damage could measurably lengthen a structure’s lifetime, redu[...]

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