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Adhesive joints are becoming more and more popular and they are a particularly attractive method of joining construction materials with different mechanical and functional properties, e.g. metal and composite elements [1, 2]. In work [4] a review of conditions generating the demand for adhesive joints was presented. In construction, adhesive joints are used, for example, to joint composite laminates with steel beams [8]. For joining metal and composite elements, adhesive joints are also used in aircraft constructions [5], in turbine production [10] or in pipe joints [11]. A special solution in which adhesive joints are used is the production of hybrid composites, in which metal layers, e.g. aluminum foils, are alternately joined with a composite material to form a laminate with unique properties [9]. Previous studies of adhesive joints based on polyester-glass laminates and aluminum show that in addition to the identified problems defined for adhesive joints, there are new, associated with limited interlayer strength of the laminates. A non-uniform distribution of stress in the adhesive joints and stress concentration effects at the ends of their overlap cause the pull-off and peeling phenomena not only in the adhesive, but also in the joined composite element. Consequently, as a result of the joint load, not only the joint is damaged, but very often also the composite material as a result of exceeding the adhesive interlayer strength of the laminate. These A b s t r a c t: Adhesive joints are widely used in various industries to join different materials. They always have to meet specific requirements for joint strength or durability. The article presents the results of research on the problem of joining elements made of aluminum alloy and polymer composite material present in the railway industry. The tested adhesive joints combine EN AW- 5754 aluminum alloy (AlMg3) with a polyester-glass laminate. Three types of adhesives we[...]

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