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In a global business environment, manufacturing companies face several important challenges. Among them, mass customization (MC) plays an important role, since it offers new potential for acquiring new markets and generating benefi ts for itself and participating companies. MC is likely to be a future trend of the business strategy development. In this context, questions arise regarding what characterizes the current trends of MC, how it differs from previous manufacturing strategies, and what will be the future of manufacturing when it takes a global approach. Providing accurate answers is not easy and requires considering at least two aspects of the term. If we comprehend MC as a marketing and manufacturing technique that combines personalized customization and mass production, then we can see manufacturing and marketing perspectives in determining optimal overall strategies for companies. The fi rst view regards the world of manufacturing that is changing as it follows the world of technology. Technological changes are driven by many factors such as safety and environmental standards, social demands, the diffusion of innovation, etc. Technology is changing very rapidly and the newest technological developments are reshaping the manufacturing sector in its original form. For example, additive manufacturing (AM), cloud computing, radio frequency identifi cation, fi fth generation (5G) wireless systems, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are only a few of the new technologies that are driving a paradigm shift in manufacturing. The umbrella term for this new wave of the so-called smart manufacturing is European Industry 4.0. This promising concept includes, among others, important attributes such as machine connectivity, data gathering and the analysis for productivity improvement and software tools for digitizing the manufacturing world leading to smart factories. Although till now still not many companies declare that the[...]

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