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Active Power Losses in Three-Phase Cable Power Lines DOI:10.15199/48.2020.02.46

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In modern electrical power systems, electricity is produced at power plants, transmitted through a high voltage network, and finally distributed to consumers. Electricity is one of the key elements of any economy, industrialized society or country [1]. A modern power system should provide reliable and uninterrupted services to its customers at a rated voltage and frequency within constrained variation limits that are defined in standard EN 50160. If the supply quality suffers a reduction and is outside those constrained limits, sensitive equipment might trip, and any motors connected on the system might stall. The electrical system should not only be able to provide cheap, safe and secure energy to the consumer, but also to compensate for the continually changing load demand [1-3]. A number of customer's equipment pollute the supply system as they draw non-sinusoidal current and behave as nonlinear loads. Power quality is quantified in terms of voltage, current or frequency deviation of the supply system. Some power quality problems can be voltage harmonics, sag/dip, swell, fluctuations, unbalance, flickers and so on. Because of for example these problems, power quality has become an important area of study in electrical power systems, especially in electric distribution and utilization systems. It has created a great challenge to both the electric utilities and manufacturers. Utilities must supply consumers with good quality power for operating their equipment satisfactorily, and manufacturers must develop their electric equipment either to be immune to such disturbances or to override them [4-7]. All electrical power systems are connected by transmission power lines and distribution power lines. Voltage drops and power losses occur by the flowing current through these power lines [8]. In the ideal case, this current is created by only the active component. The current value can be increased by additional components. The[...]

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