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The effect of storage duration and UV-C stimulation of potato tubers, and soaking of potato strips in water on the density of intermediates of French fries production DOI:10.15199/48.2020.01.55

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Density is one of the basic parameters determining the efficiency of potato tuber processing technology. This parameter influences the yield of dried and fried potato products. When density increases, the expenditure of energy, necessary for water evaporation during drying and frying of potato products, is reduced. Potato tuber density affects quality parameters of French fries and chips, is decisive for fat absorption during frying and significantly affects their consistency [1, 2]. Tubers stored for long periods transpire through the periderm and at final stages also through sprouts which causes an increase in tuber density [3,4]. Studies by Sobol [4, 5] indicated that peeled soaked potato tubers absorbed water which reduced their density. The magnitude of tuber density reduction due to water absorption depends on storage stage, size fraction, varietal traits and, to a lesser extent, fertilsation method. Experiments conducted by Sobol [5, 6] revealed that 3.5- hour water absorption was necessary to completely compensate for the increase in the density of a medium tuber after 8 months of storage. Changes in the density of tubers soaked in water depend on diffusion time, solvent (water) temperature, size fraction and potato variety [4, 5]. Studies by Sobol [6] also indicated the dynamics of density reduction of intermediates in (French fries and chips production caused by water absorption was many times greater compared with changes occurring in the whole tubers. Experimental results demonstrated that the time needed for balancing water loss, caused by transpiration of tubers during 8-month storage, amounted to 5.0-7.0% for intermediates of French fries production and 2.0-2.5% for chips compared with the time required for the whole tubers [5]. Dynamics of diffusion processes occurring between solvent (water) and tuber tissue (semi-finished product cut from the tuber) largely depends on the area of mass exchange-to-product [...]

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