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Steady State Stability Limit Assessment when Wind Turbine Penetrated to the Systems using REI Approach DOI:10.15199/48.2019.06.10

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In the past decade, the increase in electricity loads has risen sharply, so that the extensive use of fossil fuel power plants produces a lot of gas so that air pollution, global warming, and climate change become problems in various countries. For this reason researchers are developing renewable energy sources (RES) to save and reduce the effects of global warming to reduce fossil fuels by 30% of the total energy generation. From various RES sources, various regions that have the potential of wind turbines have been developed. The South Sulawesi electricity system has installed wind turbines in the Sidrap area of 75MW which are connected to a 150kV transmission line. Wind turbines are the most environmentally friendly type of generator and the most promising resource as a source of energy, economically this plant is very profitable because it does not require production costs, but stability can potentially bring negative impact to the electricity system. The penetration of intermittent power output from wind turbines due to uncertainty in wind speed which has a negative impact on the stability of the electric power system in South Sulawesi [1,2] Installing the wind turbine on a 150kV transmission line on the South Sulawesi system can have an increase in stability when the power supply does not fluctuate, but this can result in a decrease in system stability when the fluctuations in changes in weather conditions and wind speed. The penetration of wind turbine needs to be considered because it can reduce the critical clearing angle (CCA) when the interference, rotor angle stability, distance, frequency, control between the generator occurs and the control mode of the system is briefly interrupted [3-5] In general it has been divided into two categories the WTG have been they are, fixed speed and variable speed. The fixed speed of WTG generally uses a squirrel cage generator (SCIG) to convert mechanical energy from a wind t[...]

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