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The Poles on the path towards sustainable consumption DOI:10.15199/65.2016.10.3

  KEY WORDS: environmental awareness, pro-ecological behavior of consumers, sustainable consumption, consumer Słowa kluczowe : świadomość ekologiczna, zachowania proekologiczne konsumentów, zrównoważona konsumpcja, konsument It is increasingly common knowledge that daily behavior of an individual consumer affects the environment directly or indirectly. As it was already estimated in the nineties of the 20th century, the share of individual and household consumption in the destruction of environment amounted to 30-40% [13]. The side effect of consumerism is producing a significant amount of waste as well as irrational and excessive use of natural resources. The consumerist approach to life is often called “to have" approach. While “to be" approach is quite the opposite [7]. As far as sustainable development is concerned, it is based on the latter approach as it stimulates significant changes in the society and leads to the changes in the consumption patterns [17]. It is expected that in the nearest future we will talk about the post-consumerist society in which ecology will affect the behavior patterns of individual consumers [8]. Environmental awareness is a crucial component in the process of transforming consumer behavior and approaches into the pro-ecological ones. Therefore, the aim of this article is to describe the stages in achieving ecologically-motivated market behavior by an individual consumer. The article’s structure was designed as to meet the main objective of this article. The theoretical part describes the stages in achieving ecologically-motivated market behavior by an individual consumer, namely from ecological awareness to sustainable consumption. The theoretical part has been supplemented with a part based on the national survey related to the issues discussed in this article (data provided by CBOS, the Institute for Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Environment). ENVIRON[...]

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