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Sposoby zapewnienia jakości w polskich przedsiębiorstwach

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Możecie produkować wyroby dobrej jakości. Macie metodę - statystyczne sterowanie jakością - od poziomu zarządu począwszy. Nauczyliście się czym jest jakość. Musicie rozpocząć i ciągle prowadzić badania rynku, patrzeć w przyszłość, aby produkować wyroby, które będą miały zbyt w przyszłości, abyście mogli pozostać w biznesie. W. E. Deming na spotkaniu z prezesami 21 koncernów japońskich 13 lipca[...]

Electrostimulation in medicine - history and contemporary usage DOI:10.15199/48.2018.12.52

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The therapeutic applications of electricity, i.e. electric field, have their roots in the ancient ages. At the very beginning of this approach the stimulation has been done externally with unknown parameters. Nowadays, electric stimulations are being made both externally or internally by implanted electrodes In spite of the fact that the usage of electricity in medicine is known from antiquity the mechanism of the infraction between human organs and electricity (or electric field) is still far from understanding. To make the understanding more probably the special studies are to be initiated and they should involve the researchers from physics and engineering as well as the researchers from the medicine. Both groups of researchers have quite different experiences in the area of electromedicine. Hence, the problem in question can be observed from a few points of view and therefore better understood. History of Electric Stimulation The better understanding of the physical phenomena is strongly rooted in the history of their using and investigation. The same approach is necessary when one starts with the analysis of , widely understood, electromedicine. Indeed, the first evidences of it one can find in the ancient Rome where Plinius Maior (Pliny the Elder, 23-79) in his opus vitae "Historia naturalis", published in the 1st century, mentioned amber as very useful in some mental diseases, like the attack of fury [1,2]. Finally, the importance of amber, as the medical remedy, diminished to a great extent as its electric power was too weak. Much powerful appeared to be electric fish. The first evidences with a fish come from the ancient Egyptians who used the electrical catfish from the Nile river. According to some historians the precedence of using electric fish in therapy was Scribonius Largo, personal doctor of Emperor Claudius. At the end of 40th of the 1st century he used as the therapeutic tool the fish called Torpedo (Fi[...]

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