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PMPoland - Twój partner w biznesie tissue

  On the tissue market consumers’ expectations have become more sophisticated. Many companies are interested in increasing tissue quality . They are also looking for economical and flexible solutions. In order to combine simplicity, technology and maintain optimal investment cost PMP focuses on crescent former technology in tissue making machine. PMPoland is very active in modernization of existing tissue machines. The examples are for instance new hydraulic headbox for Hanke Tissue in Poland and new headbox Intelli-Jet V™ for Lamix also in Poland. Intelli-Tissue™ crescent former machines are compact solutions that have lower operating costs and better product performance. Latest achievements in tissue machines deliveries: projects of new Intelli-Tissue™ 1500 line for Yueng Foong Yu and a new Intelli-Tissue™ 900 line for Anhui Bilun Tissue Paper Co. In China as well as the repeated order for a new Intelli-Tissue™ 2100 machine to be delivered to PT G[...]

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