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Novel techniques for measurement of residual stress in axial direction of heavily cold drawn thin-sized steel wires by focused ion beam and its application

  Residual stress in the axial direction of the heavily cold drawn steel wires has been measured by a method based on the combination of the dual focused ion beam (FIB) milling and digital image correlation program. The residual stress was calculated from the measured displacement field before and after the introduction of a slot along the steel wires. The displacement was obtained by the digital correlation analysis of high-resolution scanning electron micrographs, while the slot was introduced by FIB milling under high energy beam of 30 kV. The fitting of the experimental results to an analytical model with the independent Younges modulus determined allows us to find the residual stress. Pomiar wzd.u.nych napr..e. w.asnych w drutach stalowych po procesie ci.gnienia okre.lono w oparciu o frezowanie skupion. wi.zk. jonow. (FIB) po..czon. z programem do korelacji obrazu. Pomiar napr..e. w.asnych obliczono z pomiaru przemieszczenia pola przed i po wprowadzeniu wzd.u.nej szczeliny w drutach stalowych. Przemieszczenie uzyskano poprzez analiz. cyfrowej korelacji wysokorozdzielczego mikroskopu skaningowego. Szczelina zosta.a uzyskana z zastosowaniem frezowania skupion. wi.zk. jonow. (FIB), przy wi.zce energii 30 kV. Dopasowanie wynikow do.wiadczalnych do modelu analitycznego z niezale.nymi modu.ami Yunga umo.liwia wyznaczenie napr..e. w.asnych. Key words: residual stress, dual focused ion beam (FIB), digital image correlation program (DIC), high carbon steel wires S.owa kluczowe: napr..enia w.asne, podwojna skupiona wi.zka jonowa (FIB), program cyfrowej korelacji obrazu, druty wysokow.glowe 1. Introduction. Heavily cold drawn steel wires have been widely used as suspension cables, engineering wires and steel tire cords [1]. The required mechanical properties for these steel wires are outstanding fatigue resistance and high strength, since they are always subjected in fatigue environment. It has been reported that the fatigue resistance is[...]

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