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Quality of packaging for transport of dangerous goods by air DOI:10.15199/46.2019.9.2

  Introduction Packaging is an irreplaceable element in trade of goods, often inextricably linked to packed products, including dangerous ones. Due to both, the constantly growing requirements of customers, and technological progress, packaging and packaging materials are constantly changing and improving - providing their adequate quality. One of the packaging definitions most fitting to the state of affairs is formulated as follows: Packaging is a ready product, usually having a suitable construction, designed to protect the packaged goods against the harmful effects of external factors, or vice versa - protection of the environment against harmful effects of the product, enabling the goods to move during storage, transport, sale and usage [6]. A similar approach in this respect is confirmed by the National Act on Packaging and Packaging Waste Management, dated 13 June 2013, which is the implementation of EU law included in Directive 92/62/EC. This directive defines packaging as a non-returnable product, made of any material, intended for the storage, protection, transport, delivery or presentation of products, from raw materials to recycled materials. The versatility of the “packaging" definition indicates that they can be tailored to the individual requirements of specific products, and at the same time are an integral part of the packaging chain, including the production of packaging materials and the packaging itself, as well as accompanying activities such as the act of packaging, storage, transport, marketing, use and their removal. The packaging system operating in Poland takes into account both the requirements and experience of EU countries, based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) “from cradle to grave" principle, which means that selecting packaging material for a specific packaging and designing and producing them, at the same time, the possibility of re-use, its processing or other forms of s[...]

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