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Effect of Dynamic Changes of Thermomechanical Conditions During Hot Rolling of AISI304 Steel on Critical Strain for the Initiation of DRX

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This paper deals with the effect of development of temperature and strain rate in the cross-section of a rolled AISI 304 steel strip upon the onset of dynamic recrystallization (DRX). The surface temperature of the strip decreases as a result of transfer of heat to rolls during rolling. Due to the existence of such region with higher resistance to deformation, the strain rate curve for the surfa[...]

Slab FEM simulation of hot bar rolling

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It is proposed that three dimensional problem of shape rolling be simplified by solving in approximately by the finite element method. A computer software that has been developed on slab method basis to model the deformation of metal during shape rolling eliminates having to conduct multiply costly and time consuming commercial trials and allows innovations to be introduced more quickly. In the[...]

Computer and Practical Simulation of the Surface Crack reducing on the Billet during Bar and Wire rod rolling process

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The processors acting in the car industry make continuously a stress on producers of wires and rods to eliminate the occurrence of surface defects on the semi-finished products. A development of methods and working procedures aimed to avoid the occurrence of surface defects on wires and rods requires to know the origin of the defects and characteristics of their behaviour in the course of rolli[...]

Inverse analysis of a plane strain compression test results for the purpose of material mechanical and microstructural properties study

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Knowledge of mechanical and microstructural properties of a material is extremely important for performing the numerical analysis which is using for investigation of many metal-forming processes. The plain strain compression test (PSCT) is now generally accepted as one of the most reliable methods for the generation of flow stress data and microstructural investigation of flat rolling. However, the inhomogeneous character of deformation in local zones of a specimen makes it difficult to interpret the results of such tests. In this work, the inverse method has been applied for determination of flow-stress and microstructural data by analyzing of PCST results. A method for determination of static recrystallization kinetics parameters which makes it possible to take advantage of PSCT and[...]

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