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Experimental research concerning the lateral efforts in the asymmetrical longitudinal rolling

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The introduction in practice of new rolling technologies imposed by the market economy is not possible without a permanent theoretical and practical research on metal pressure working and without sound knowledge of the main cinematic and force laws of the rolling process. In spite of the achievements, some aspects related to deformation, kinematics and dynamics of the rolling process still remain unsolved. The research has both a theoretical and a scientific importance for the contribution to the study of force parameters, particularly the distribution pattern of contact pressure on asymmetrical rolling. Moreover, it is technologically important for the establishing of a reduction pattern in bi-metal rolling. In order to achieve these goals, the research team suggests an appropriate i[...]

Laboratory Experiments Regarding the Steel Treatment with various compositions Synthetic Slags

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Steel treatment with synthetic slag can be considered as the most accessible and safe method to effectively improve the qualities of regular steels, having positive economic effects by reducing the duration of furnace processing and decreasing the ferroalloy consumption for deoxidation. The synthetic slag used in the experiments corresponds to the CaO-Al2O3 system, which ensures, by their composition, the extraction of sulphur and oxygen from the liquid steel and have a density and fluidity that ensure the efficiency of their separation compared to the metal bath. The method also has the advantage of being applicable in all the processing technologies (EAF, BOF, and so on). The paper presents the results and conclusions of the laboratory experiments regarding treatment of steel with various composition synthetic slags. The experiments were conducted using a Tamman furnace at the Hunedoara Engineering Faculty. W pracy przedstawiono wyniki badań laboratoryjnych obróbki ciekłej stali żużlami syntetycznymi na bazie CaO-Al2O3, zapewniającymi skuteczne jej odsiarczanie i odtlenianie. Stosowana obróbka ciekłej stali tymi żużlami w praktyce hutniczej w ramach tzw. metalurgii pozapiecowej znajduje przemysłowe zastosowanie w procesach wytapiania stali w elektrycznych piecach łukowych i konwertorach tlenowych.[...]

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