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A review on voltage control methods for active distribution networks

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Power distribution systems are in the state of transition from passive to active networks due to the rising penetration level of distributed generators (DGs). One of the technical challenges of active networks is to maintain an acceptable voltage level. This problem has initiated many researchers to control network voltage profile. Several approaches to mitigate the voltage issues include the use of coordinated or centralized and decentralized methods. Both methods have been proven to be able to alleviate the voltage rise issue in distribution systems with DGs. This paper presents a literature review on the various voltage control methods that have been implemented in active distribution networks. Streszczenie. Przy współpracujących sieciach rozproszonych problemem jest utrzymanie napięcia na pożądanym poziomie. W artykule przedstawiono przegląd różnych metod sterowania poziomem napięcia które moga być zastosowane w aktywnych sieciach rozproszonych. (Przegląd metod sterowania poziomem napięcia w aktywnych sieciach rozproszonych) Keywords: Distributed Generator, active network, centralized and decentralized methods, voltage control. Słowa kluczowe: sieci zasilające, sieci rozproszone, kontrola napięcia. 1. Introduction The connection of DGs in distribution networks has created a challenge for distribution network operators (DNOs) to change their usual passive approach to an active system. This is due to the fact that the conventional distribution networks are designed based on the assumption of unidirectional power flow. With the increasing connection of DG, the network has become more dynamic with bidirectional power flow and it known as active distribution networks (ADN). An active distribution network is defined as a distribution network with systems in place to control a combination of distributed energy resources comprising of generators and storage [1]. In [2], ADN is defined as a new system that adopts integration of control a[...]

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