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Web Based Remote Controlled Electrical Motor Laboratory used as Educational Tool

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In this study, a web-based remote-controlled motor educational tool for electrical, electronic and computer education was formed. The educational tool involves three different motor experiment, which are direct current motor, stepper motor and servo motor The users can interact with the educational tool by using any computer connected to the Internet, and can conduct the experiments in a real-time manner. Each experiment can be used simultaneously. Users work with a camera connected to the system that transmits an image of a laboratory. Streszczenie. Przedstawiono system komputerowy do celów dydaktycznych wykorzystujący zdalne sterowanie za pośrednictwem Internetu. Studenci mogą przeprowadzać trzy eksperymenty badania maszyn elektrycznych: silnik prądu stałego, silnik krokowy i serwomechanizm. System wspomagany jest kamerą pokazującą obraz z laboratorium. (Laboratorium Internetowe do przeprowadzania eksperymentów z silnikami elektrycznymi) Keywords: Electric motors, LabView, Educational tools, Real time Słowa kluczowe: Silniki elektryczne, laboratorium, laboratorium Internetowe. Introduction The most important characteristic of the schools providing vocational and technical education is to increase the quality of the courses and the preparedness of the students for work conditions [1]. As a result of the advancements in technology, continuous improvements in the course contents and experiment sets are needed. The increases in the number of students in technical schools and in the laboratories or experiment sets used in the laboratories are not compatible. This inadequacy prevents required application studies [2]. The conventional remotecontrolled educational systems, and later, remotecontrolled real-time experiment set-ups are evaluated as educational systems developed as a supply to these requirements, where test and information transfers are remotely provided without the limitations of students or responsible teaching staff [3].[...]

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