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Modeling of total electromagnetic field distribution in vicinity of BS concentration

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The paper presents modeling software developed by the authors which facilitates calculation of field intensity when there are several antennas mounted at different points in space. The software is based on analytical method of EMF calculation. Streszczenie. Artykuł przedstawia opracowane przez autorów oprogramowanie komputerowe oraz wyniki symulacji natężenia pola kilku anten rozmieszczonych w różnych punktach przestrzeni. Podstawą oprogramowania są analityczne metody obliczeń pola elektromagnetycznego. (Modelowanie sumarycznego pola elektromagnetycznego w otoczeniu grupy stacji bazowych). Keywords: EMF intensity, EMF modeling, near vicinity, mobile networks Słowa kluczowe: natężenie pola elektromagnetycznego, modelowanie pola, strefa bliska, sieci komunikacji ruchomej. Introduction The last decade was marked by rapid development of mobile cellular networks (GSM, DCS, UMTS), new wireless technologies were widely deployed (Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, LTE). In order to improve the capacity and coverage of mobile cellular systems and ensure adequate quality of service, network operators are forced to modernize the structure of telecommunication networks by introducing many new base stations (BS) and antenna towers. The newly-introduced base stations are often located in areas of high end-user concentration. The same place (e. g. antennas’ tower) is used for base stations of couple wireless networks. As a result there are a high number of antennas on the same roof of a building or on a tower. It is obvious that under such circumstances when antennas of individual transmitters are located at different locations and heights, electromagnetic situation near BS becomes quite complex. Therefore the problem of calculation and analysis of total EMF intensity distribution around the sources of radiation is very relevant. It should be noted that in some European countries, including Lithuania, installation conditions of radiation sources and their [...]

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