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Measurement of the losses of electrical steel sheet samples at high magnetic flux density

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The paper presents an integral sampling method which enables one to determine not only magnetization characteristics, but also loss at deep saturation magnetization. The peculiarities of the method, the obtained typical hysteresis loops and the calculated loss values are discussed.. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono metodę próbkowania całkowego pozwalającą wyznaczyć nie tylko charakterystyki magnesowania ale również stratności w obszarze nasycenia magnetycznego. Przedyskutowano właściwości metody, otrzymane przykładowe przebiegi pętli histerezy oraz wyniki obliczonych wartości stratności. (Pomiar stratności próbek blach elektrotechnicznych w obszarze nasycenia magnetycznego). Słowa kluczowe: blacha elektrotechniczna, pomiar stratności, pętla histerezy, duża gęstość strumienia magnetycznego Keywords: electrical steel sheet, loss measurement, hysteresis loop area, high magnetic flux density Introduction Magnetic flux density in the cores of electrical machines can reach a significant level, since the magnetic induction in tooth material is often close to saturation one [1, 2]. The calculation of the behavior of the machine’s core in such conditions is usually impossible due to lack of relevant data. Magnetic properties (especially total energy loss) of electrical steel sheets are usually measured up to a peak polarization of Jp = 1.5 T - in the case of nonoriented electrical steel sheets and Jp=1.7 T - for oriented ones - according with requirements of the standards. One of the main causes of such situations are the problems which are encountered when measuring the losses at area saturation. The measurement of loss poses a great challenge for the measuring systems used to determine the electromagnetic properties of electrical steel sheets since adequately deep magnetization of the tested sheet specimen needs to be obtained while maintaining the sinusoidal waveform of induction. The maintenance of the sinusoidal waveform o[...]

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