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A Comprehensive Study of Voltage Balancing Problem of Cascaded H-bridge Inverter for Power Quality Conditioner

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In recent years, multilevel technology has become an effective and practical solution for moderate and high voltage application field. In all multilevel technology, cascade multilevel inverters have become the major circuits used in power quality conditioners. Evidently,the voltage balancing problem of DC capacitors of cascade inverters is a key problem to the power quality conditioners. This paper mainly focuses on exploring the hypostasis of various voltage balancing control methods. A comprehensive theoretical analysis of voltage balancing control fundament is presented. The issue of voltage balance is discussed from output pulses of H-bridge inverters point of view, and a model for analyzing the charge and discharge process of H-bridge DC capacitor is established. Furthermore, all regulation means of output pulses of H-bridge inverters for redistributing active power is reported and quantified. The simulation results illustrate that the research is satisfactory. Streszczenie. Zaprezentowano teoretyczną analizę sterowania jakością napięcia w kaskadowo połczonych przekształtnikach mostkowych typu H. Przeanalizowano proces ładowania i rozładowania kondensatora. Przedstawiono badania i symulacje na przykładzie kondycjonera jakości energii. (Analiza problemu równoważenia napięcia w kaskadowo połączonych przekształtnikach typu H ) Keywords: Cascade H-bridge inverter, DC capacitor voltage, voltage balancing, power quality conditioner Słowa kluczowe: przekształtniki typu H, jakość energii, równoważenie napięcia Introduction Power quality problems have been hot topics because of the widespread use of nonlinear electronic equipments and the stricter power quality requirements of sensitive loads. To meet the objective of power quality at the point of common coupling (PCC) of a distribution system, the implementation of advanced power electronic equipments that can improve power quality will be in demand. Power quality conditioner, inclu[...]

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