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Effect of chemical composition on microstructure and wear resistance of flame sprayed Ni-5% Al/Al2O3-40% TiO2 cermet coating

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Thermally sprayed coatings have a lamellar microstructure composed of individual grains. The degree of flattening of the splat formed on impact depends on the velocity of droplets. In the spraying process, the powder of feedstock material is fed into the flame and molten droplets are accelerated to a considerable velocity. The major parameters controlling coating formation are: temperature of particles striking the substrate surface, their velocity and size distribution. Complexity of phenomena occurring in a flame spraying produce wide distribution of particle temperature and velocity. This, in turn, causes a variation of behavior of individual droplets during impact. When spherical molten droplet impacts on the substrate it flattens adopting a shape of the disc. The portion of[...]

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