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Method for Link Stability Evaluation of Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (ISA 100.11a) DOI:10.15199/48.2019.11.45

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The application of new technologies in the industrial environment provides an increase in the quality and productivity of industries and services. Recently, the application of wireless sensor networks in the monitoring of variables in an industrial environment is greatly intensifying. The flexibility and allocation of measurement points in locations inaccessible to the operator are the main arguments for integration of wired and wireless instrumentation. Wireless instrumentation has not emerged to replace the wired technologies, but the control system integrates wired with wireless instrumentation to include hard-to-reach points. The scalability of IWSNs facilitates the design and upgrade steps of industrial factory. However, the low installation cost is the most relevant factor to the popularity of wireless instrumentation. Compared to the cabling and maintenance costs of wired networks, the wireless networking technologies offer a very small cost in fraction of a euro for per meter of wireless connectivity [1]. It is mandatory to evaluate the system dependability in monitoring and control domains in order to assess its successful operational behavior through time, although there are relevant challenges to be handled for such assessment. Actually, dependability is a generic concept including attributes as availability, reliability, safety, integrity and maintainability [2]. The probability of an item not failing at a given time interval is the definition of the reliability. However, in the context of industrial networks based on wireless communication protocols, the main difference between the reliability analysis of wired and wireless networks is related to the instability of the means of communication, which is more susceptible to noise [3]. With such contribution, it is noticeable that the stability of a link of communication of wireless networks is an essential factor in the evaluation of the operation of industrial sy[...]

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