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Titanium alloys like Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr, a precipitation hardenable ß‐titanium alloy, are widely used in aerospace applications. Machining of Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr, however, is difficult and expensive as its machinability is extremely poor. A thorough understanding of the chip formation process of Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr is needed to improve related metal cutting operations. The aim of this article is to present the microstructure of Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr chips prepared by turning. Chips from three states of the alloy were analyzed and compared: as‐received, solution treated and aged. Chips were obtained in different speeds with different depths of cut. The microstructure was analyzed by means of optical, electron microscopy and hard XRD. During the experiments, depending of the cutting conditions, continuous or segmented chips were formed. Narrow highly deformed and grain oriented zone so‐called “shear zone" separated individual segments. Different materials properties have been observed in shear zones and the segments. The results of the chips analyses have finally been used, to develop free‐machining alloys based on Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr. Keywords: machining, titanium alloys, chip analyses, alloy development, orthogonal cutting, Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr CHARAKTERYSTYKA MIKROSTRUKTURY WIÓRÓW STOPU Ti-15V-3Al-3Sn-3Cr Stopy tytanu, takie jak Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr, utwardzany wydzieleniowo stop o strukturze tytanu‐ß, są szeroko stosowane w przemyśle kosmicznym. Obróbka stopu Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr jest jednakże trudna i kosztowna ze względu na trudnoobrabialność tych stopów. Kompleksowe zrozumienie procesu formowania wiórów Ti‐15V‐3Al‐3Sn‐3Cr jest konieczne do ulepszenia odpowiednich warunków obróbki. Celem tego artykułu [...]

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