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The influence of the heat treatment on structure and properties of copper after DRECE process

  Several types of SPD technologies serving for production of UFG metals was developed already at the beginning of the nineties. One of them is new type of equipment DRECE (Dual Rolling Equal Channel Extrusion), designated for obtaining UFG structure in strip of sheet. Experiments with use of material Cu 99.5% were made on the DRECE machines in order to achieve grain refinement in the strip of sheet with dimensions 58x2x1000 mm. For orientation information, whether grain was refined preliminary metallographic analysis was made on optical microscope NEOPHOT 2. Structure was analysed on the surface in longitudinal direction in respect to direction of rolling, and also in cross section and longitudinal section. After DRECE machinery the annealing on part of extruded sheets was applied. Two procedure 400 and 450oC/15min/air were selected. Obecnie rozwinięte kilka technologii SPD przy wytwarzaniu metali UFG. Jedną z nich jest urządzenie DRECE (Dual Rolling Equal Channel Extrusion), opracowane w celu uzyskania struktury UFG w taśmach stalowych. Badania przy zastosowaniu miedzi 99,5% przeprowadzono na maszynie DRECE. Umożliwiło to rozdrobnienie ziarna w taśmach stalowych o wymiarach 58x2x1000 mm. W celu uzyskania informacji czy ziarno zo[...]

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