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On one method of dynamical loads restriction and qualityraising of the metal-produce of high speed rolling mills

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it is shown in the article, that at irrational correlation of internal and elastic parameters of the main lines of rolling mills, the internalresonant phenomena, having a character of fluctuation of oscillations, arise in their transmissions that in their turn stipulate fatigue destructions of the basic parts and units of rolling mills and quality deterioration of the rolled produce. the higher are the speed conditions of the exploited machinery the greater is a negative effect of influence of the internal-resonant phenomena on durability of constructions and quality of the rolled stock. a rolling process in the finishing groups stands of the wire - and thin sheet rolling mills is especially characterized by such operating conditions. W artykule pokazano, że przy irracjonalnej korela[...]

Elaboration of the mode and device for combined processes of drawing and dressing of shapes and tubes of small cross sections

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in this paper, the equipment used to process the combined drawing and smooth shape tube with a small cross-section. demonstrates how to provide high quality surface tubes of deformation. W pracy przedstawiono urządzenia wykorzystywane do połączonych procesów ciągnienia i wyrównywania kształtu rur o małym przekroju poprzecznym. Przedstawiono sposób zapewnienia wysokiej jakości powierzchni odkształcanych rur. key words: tubes of small cross sections, dressing of shapes, processes of drawing Słowa kluczowe: rury o małych przekrojach poprzecznych, wyrównywanie kształtu, proces ciągnienia S. 12 Hutnik - Wiadomości Hutnicze Nr 1 Raising of precision of the geometric dimensions and forms of the metal articles obtained by drawing is very actual problem, solution of which results in signi[...]

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