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Improvement of mechanical properties of Fe-based alloys by application of rapid solidification method and Ti doping

  Nowadays, the industry is looking for the modern functional materials with unique functional properties [1, 2]. Very interesting group of alloys for special applications are those made on the basis of iron modified with titanium. These alloys, due to their increased strength and relatively low density (ρTi = 4.507 g/cm³), can be used in many industries. Ti admixture in this type of alloys results in a partial or complete oxidation of the surface, as the Ti has high affinity for oxygen [3]. Titanium is known to be an element well tolerated by the human body, and therefore it is successfully used in implantology [3, 4]. It is applied to produce cores, both for large hip implants, as well for mini dental implants. However, without proper chemical or mechanical treatment, titanium does not overgrown tissue and is only a foreign body. Recently, blasting method has been a very popular technique for refinement of the top layer of alloys containing titanium, regarding dental implants. The technique is very simple and cheap, but it is not without drawbacks as stratification because of grit used in mechanical polishing. Its small parts are sticking into the surface of the implant. What in turn leads to tearing down the structure of the surface. So, it can be stated that a lot depends on the grit used in the discussed process, which usually are small aluminum granules. The problem of aluminum contamination of dental implants has been eliminated by the chemical digestion process. Materials containing titanium are characterized by low weight and relatively high strength, they are used to build most of metal components used in the aerospace and military industry [5, 6]. Titanium alloys are also adopted in jewelry and become a good alternative to a few percent of the population showing an allergic reaction to silver, gold or platinum. They were also widely used in optics as part of eyeglass frames (flex-titanium, β-titanium). T[...]

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