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Non-uniformity of deformation as an important factor of ovality formation in the billets for railway wheels at free upsetting with figured dies

  The paper presents research results of non-uniformity of deformation as important factor of ovality formation in the billets for railway wheels at free upsetting with figured dies. For the numerical modeling of the upsetting process the FORGE computer software, which based on finite element method was used. The physical modelling of the process of free upsetting was carried out on the lead samples, on the universal testing machine GMS-50. W pracy przedstawiono wyniki badań nierównomierności odkształcenia jako ważnego czynnika kształtowania owalności w kęsach na koła kolejowe, podczas kucia swobodnego w kowadłach kształtowych. Do numerycznego modelowania procesu kucia zastosowano komputerowy program FORGE, bazujący na metodzie elementów skończonych. Modelowanie fizyczne kucia swobodnego zostało przeprowadzone na próbkach z ołowiu, na uniwersalnej maszynie testującej GMS-50. Key words: non-uniformity of deformation, free upsetting, railway wheels, numerical and physical modelling Słowa kluczowe: nierównomierność odkształcenia, kucie swobodne, koła kolejowe, numeryczne i fizyczne modelowanie S. 366 UHTNIK-WIADOMOŚCI HUTNICZE Nr 5 group of causes on geometrical parameters of the upset billet because these causes embrace in prac- tice all kinds of non-uniformity (artificial, macro- scopic, geometrical and physical). Beside that such factors as the value of contact friction, shape and dimensions of tool, value of strain rate, temperature of metal, shape and geometrical dimensions of in- itial billet, that are in practice all the parameters to be controlled in technological process of the hot die forging, are included into this group of causes. The- refore, varying the mentioned parameters or a group of parameters it is possible to modify the process of billet deforming to attain the necessary result. Questions concerning distribution of defor- mations in the body of a billet depending on con- figuration of the forging-tool are discussed [...]

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