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EN AW-AlMg1SiCu alloy matrix composite materials reinforced with halloysite particles manufactured by mechanical milling

  EN AW-AlMg1SiCu alloy matrix composite materials represent a group of engineering materials which have been investigated in numerous scientific centers worldwide for years [1÷3]. The research involves mainly the production of materials in industrial environment which show repeatability of properties. The properties of composite materials are not the resultant total of the properties of their components, that is why the designing of technological processes is difficult and therefore the fabrication of such materials should be supported by strong scientific background, high engineering skills and very precise realization of their manufacture process [4, 5]. The mechanical milling and compacting and hot extrusion following them enable the production of nanostructural composite materials with constant cross-section, uniform distribution of the reinforcing phase and the size of its particles, and - consequently - improvement of the material mechanical properties. New phases are used as reinforcement in composite materials with aluminum alloy matrix mostly to restrict the defects caused by conventional reinforcement and to improve the usable properties of the newly developed composite materials [6÷8]. The unconventional reinforcement of the metal matrix composites may be the halloysite particles. Halloysite is the clayey mineral of the volcanic origin, characteristic of high porosity, high specific surface, high ion-exchange, and ease of the chemical treatment and machining. Halloysite is composed of the flat surface lamellae, partially coiled or in the form of tubes originating from the coiled lamellae [9]. Halloysite nanotubes are in the shape of polyhedron, hollow inside, cylindrical objects of 40÷100 nm in the diameter and of length up to 1.2 μm. Employment of halloysite as the reinforcement of the metal composite materials is the original assumption and features will make it possible to use this mineral in the innovatory [...]

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