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Optimal control of an industrial electrostatic rotating electrode separator using artificial intelligence technics DOI:10.15199/48.2019.11.44

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The electrostatic technologies with high intensity of electric fields for the recovery of used materials from industrial waste, have in recent years undergone considerable progress [1][2]. However, the necessary adjustment of the parameters of any industrial process to produce the desirable result is a delicate operation. Electrostatic technologies therefore require the implementation of prevention and control strategies for the search of an optimal state in order to improve the quantity and quality of recovered products. [3-6]. Moreover, any experimental and even more industrial process proves to be subject to variations whose origins are multiple : ambient and experimental conditions, natures, compositions, granulometries of waste, resolutions of the parameters of the process, ..., … . These lead to a variability that can be considered as an optimization problem whose resolution is a central topic in operational research. The main objective of this study is the optimization of the operation of an industrial electrostatic separator, with rotating electrode, designed and realized at the IRECOM laboratory of Sidi Bel Abbes, for different operating regimes.. It involves using methods whose creation was inspired by the analogy with biological phenomena, such as genetic algorithms (GA) neural networks (ANN) [7] [8], or with socio-psychological phenomena such as the ant colony algorithm (ACO) [9] [10] and particulate swarms (PSO) [11] [12]. These methods link two different research areas: operational research and artificial intelligence [13] [14]. Particular interest has been given to the optimization method based on biogeography (BBO: Biogeographybased- optimization)[15]. This young method, inspired by the theory of dynamic equilibrium, is still in its infancy. We begin this article with a general definition of the problem. The construction and implementation of the RNA will be studied and discussed, followed by a presen[...]

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