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Nickel Superalloys Microstructural Changes Caused by Forming

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The research is focused on the development of nickel alloy for ADTT systems. Accelerator-driven transmutation technology (ADTT) is a collection of programs that can reuse spent fuel from commercial nuclear reactors, and produce electric energy. This article deals with the preparation of semifinished hot rolled rods for another analyses - especially creep end corrosion tests. W artykule opisano [...]

Problems during rolling of Feni type alloys

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The paper deals with problems of manufacturing of flat products for electrical engineering components from iron-nickel based alloys. Elimination of surface defects and minimization of side edge cracking during forming is the goal solved in the Eureka project. Grain boundary segregations and recrystallization in FeNi alloys (47÷50 % Ni) are factors causing bad yielding ability during rolling ope[...]

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