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Multiband Antenna Design Comprising the Future 5G Mobile Technology DOI:10.15199/48.2019.02.25

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The searching for multifunction devices, such as smartphones, is growing in the mobile devices market. These gadgets have several mobile current technologies, for instance: WiFi, high performance mobile internet (3G and 4G), GPS (Global Positioning System), GSM (Global System Mobile) ou (Global System for Mobile communication)and Bluetooth®. In a globalized world it is a trend that the velocity of the internet maintain increasing over the years in order to, among other functions, perform real-time video calls using, for example, a connection provided by a mobile operator. In addition, the screens of these devices are also increasing in size for a better user experience in video calls with high resolution. However, although the screens are increasing, the consumers are also looking for thinner devices. Therefore, in order to reduce the dimensions of a smartphone it is necessary to shrink its internal components. So, some techniques are employed, such as the manufacture of integrated circuits, which considerably decreases the circuit size. Supplementary, is necessary to use printed antennas, which has an extremely small thickness. The necessity of a mobile internet with higher speeds has promoted the research and the constant development of new technologies such as 4G that can reach data rates of 100 Mbps. Despite the fact that this technology was not totally implanted in several places, there is a slightly growing on research and development of the Fifth generation, i.e, 5G of mobile telecommunications, which is capable to operate with extremely high data rates transfer and using the frequency bands of electromagnetic spectrum above 25 GHz [1-3]. In addition, the prospect of growth in the number of devices connected simultaneously after the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has concerned mobile technology companies, who has seek a solution to meet future demand efficiently, highligthing the importance of[...]

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