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Optymalizacja mikrofalowo wspomaganej ekstrakcji substancji bioaktywnych z tarczycy bajkalskiej przy użyciu planu doświadczeń Boksa i Behnkena DOI:10.15199/62.2018.6.19

  Flavonoids from plants are of great interest because they have benefits for health as antioxidants used for treating inflammations, allergic diseases and tumors1). Some problems about the mechanism of flavonoids in treating diseases remain unclear, but the health-promoting potential may be attributed to the phytochemicals from different plants2). Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi (SBG) is one of the medicinal species from the family of Labiatae3) and well known by high content of flavonoids. The main components of the SBG are flavone derivatives, which have the functions for the treatment of breast cancer4), lung carcinoma5) and gastric adenocarcinoma6). Among the flavonoids, baicalin7), wogonoside8), baicalein9) and wogonin10) have a wide scope of biological activity with low toxicity and potential anticancer activity. These findings have been a valid and reasonable complement to the growing health food market. Therefore, it was extremely important to get an efficient method to extract baicalin, wogonoside, baicalein and wogonin from SBG. The method of heat reflux extraction (HRE) is typical extraction for flavonoids. However, the defects, such as too long extraction time, too high solvent pollution and too low yield have transferred interests of researchers towards the new techniques improving the yield and are friendly to the environment. Several extraction techniques for recovering flavonoids from SBG, such as heating decocting method11), ultrasonic extraction12), aqueous two-phase extraction13), supercritical fluid extraction14) and macroporous resin adsorption method15) have been reported. Among the methods, MAE showed short extraction time, low solvent and energy consumption, and high yield as advantages when compared to the traditional extraction methods16). MAE has been reported to be * Authors for correspondence/Autorzy do korespondencji: Li-min Yang, Jilin Agricultural University, 130118, Changchun, Jilin, P.R. China,[...]

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