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The research results of physico-mechanical properties of hiking shoes DOI:10.15199/60.2019.07-08.2

  Problem definition One of the most promising areas of modern tourism business is rural tourism. To designate this type of tourism in different sources of information (regulatory documents, laws, scientific and educational literature etc.) and by different authors every day more titles appear such as rural green tourism, agritourism, ecotourism, etc [1-3]. Therefore, the use of different words and phrases for the title of rural tourism it is appropriate to consider in the context of the problems of modern terminology in this area which is caused by various types of laws and regulations, customs and culture of individual countries, etc., on the one hand, and the lack of a unified approach on the other. It is also characteristic that this type of tourism is particularly rapid developed in the West of Ukraine (in particular, due to the growth of a network of family hotels in the countryside). Therefore, the terminology problem is not less important than the problem of establishing domestic production of a full set of needs for rural tourism products for example camping equipment, clothes, shoes, etc. for the actual range of consumers (and today it is almost all age-sex groups). Shoes for rural tourism in the range of modern Hiking Boots can be provisionally positioned as "Unprofessional Hiking Shoes", or "Household Travel Shoes" for which the complex requirements of consumers and, consequently, the desired properties today, almost are not investigated [4-6]. The evaluation of the shoe quality is one of the most effective controls in the shoes marketfor all stages of the life cycle of this product (production, trade, consumption, disposal, etc.). Therefore, the objective of the product improving is to pay more attention to its forecasting, planning, designing, manufacturing etc. based on scientific research. 38 Przegląd - WOS 7-8/2019 TECHNOLOGIE It is known that the most complete assessment of the shoe quality is got when the s[...]

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