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Regional quality contests based on business excellence models - Pomeranian case study DOI:10.15199/46.2019.10.4

  Introduction Initiatives of quality contests based on so called models of excellence stand out from the others, which aim to identify outstanding organizations and also have great development potential especially in the international dimension. Organizations participating in this type of competition not only build their positive image, but above all gain knowledge about the level of their organizational maturity. Unfortunately, in recent years the interest in participating in Polish regional contestss based on the business excellence models (BEM) has decreased. The exception is the Pomerania Quality Award (PQA) - a regional competition organized in the northern part of Poland. The purpose of the article is to present the common problems involved in organizing the Pomerania Quality Award. The results of self-assessment and external verification of organizations participating in the 21st and 22nd edition of this contest are presented. On the basis of in-depth interviews with organizers of the competition and analysis KEYWORDS ABSTRACT excellence, business excellence model, quality competition Competitions based on models of organizational excellence have significant potential. Organizations participating in these initiatives have the chance not only to get marketing benefits, but also gain comprehensive knowledge about their management systems. Moreover, thanks to the structure of models of excellence an organization can plan in detail the improvement activities in its main processes. The aim of the authors is to analyze and assess the conditions accompanying competitions for quality awards based on organizational excellence models implemented at the regional level. On the basis of in-depth interview and source materials of Pomerania case study a diagnosis of the current status of this project was presented and the most important problems have been identified. The results can be helpful to improve these types of projects, [...]

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