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Przedstawiono skrótowy przegląd badań lekkich kompozytów metalicznych na osnowie Al i stopu Al-Mg wytwarzanych w ramach współpracy badawczej Nihon University w Tokio i Akademii Górniczo-Hutniczej. Od 1998 roku prowadzone są badania kompozytów zawierających 8÷19 % tlenków metali ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem wpływu temperatury na struk-turę i własności materiału. Reakcja chemiczna w podwyższonej te[...]

Effect of rapid solidification on the structure and mechanical properties of Al-4Fe-4Ni alloy

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Aluminum alloys are widely used in constructions of light components at aerospace and automotive industry. In order to improve the performance of these materials, especially at elevated temperatures, novel alloying systems and adequate production processes, are extensively studied. Among several technologies, the rapid solidification processes (RS) have been received considerable attention as an effective way to design modern materials with excellent combination of the strength, sufficient ductility and other useful properties [1, 2]. RS materials are characterized by specific features, such as refined grain size, increased solid solubility of some elements in the alloy matrix, which often result in the suppression of some precipitates formation and modification of their morphology. RS process is a relatively attractive technique for Al-based alloys containing rare earth metals such as Ce, Y and transition metals such as Mn, V, Cr, Ni and others. Low solubility of these alloying elements has restricted the content of alloying elements to low values at traditional metallurgy processes, as the formation of coarse intermetallics (30 μm in diameter or larger) deteriorate mechanical properties [3]. Hence, RS processes are particularly convenient for the structure refining and modification of the microstructure in those alloying systems. It has been reported that the strength of aluminum-transition metal alloys at room and elevated temperature is improved by uniform dispersion of fine intermetallic compounds formed under rapid solidification and high cooling rates [4÷7]. The objective of the present study is to analyze the influence of rapid solidification process on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the Al-4Fe-4Ni alloy on the basis of experiments performed on both RS-material and s[...]

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