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Global Stability of Backsteping Control with Robust Nonlinear Observer of Induction Motor in 􁈺􀢻, 􀢼􁈻 Frame DOI:10.15199/48.2019.01.47

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Induction motors are nonlinear, coupled, multivariable process. Nevertheless, they become more and more appealing because of their reliability, robustness and low cost or maintenance [3]. We built a globally stable nonlinear control law with real effectiveness for the adopted strategies and we describe a speed dependent observer. We based the initial strategy on backstepping control. Here we design the observer based on a nonlinear control law in order to ensure the globally stability of the process observercontroller system. The main contributions of the paper are the following: First, we propose a new observer modified for a special class of nonlinear systems applied to the induction motor [1]. Secondly, the model is nonlinear in the frame 􁈺􀟙, 􀟚􁈻 without making the FOC. Third, the demonstration of global stability (system-controller-observer). Lastly, intensive simulations in different conditions are performed to show that the general strategy proposed is very satisfied. We organize the paper as follow: we present in Section 2 the induction motor model. In Section 3, we present a nonlinear observer, an application to the induction motor, the control algorithm and the global stability proof. In Section 4, we give simulation results and comment on them with implementation in Matlab-Simulink. Modeling of the induction motor The model used is a classical induction model of Park in a frame 􁈺􀟙, 􀟚􁈻 fixed to stator, given by [1]: (1) 􀝔􁈶 􀵌 􀝂􁈺􀝔􁈻 􀵅 􀝃􀝑 with: 􀝔 􀵌 􀵣􀝅􀯦􀰈, 􀝅􀯦􀰉, 􀟮􀯥􀰈, 􀟮􀯥􀰉, 􀟗􀵧􀯍 , 􀝑 􀵌 􀵣􀝑􀯦􀰈, 􀝑􀯦􀰉􀵧􀯍 Here 􀝔 con[...]

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