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Study of thermal decomposition of biomass, as an alternatives to coke in the iron ore agglomerate production process DOI:10.15199/24.2017.11.1

  Introduction. A biomass ranks among inexhaustible sources of energy, available for regional use, thereby eliminating some economic and environmental impacts. The use of biomass in metallurgical processes is associated with the minimization of the negative properties and can be considered as a partial substitution of coke breeze in the iron ore agglomerate production process. Coke makes the fuel part of the charge and is the most expensive and most deficient raw material in the metallurgical process. Whereas biomass is characterized by diversity, it is necessary to select potentially suitable species and focus on the study of particular species and their effects on process and product quality. It is equally important to monitor their impacts on economic indicators and environmental impacts. Based on theoretical studies [1-12], the use of plant biomass, dendromas, and wood waste from the wood-processing industry in the form of sawdust seems to be the most appropriate for the agglomeration process. The choice regarding the suitability of the partial replacement of coke breeze in agglomeration process by biomass should be made on the basis of its physico-chemical properties. These properties need to be thoroughly analyzed and compared to the properties of the coke, which is used in the sintering process. With regard to the analyzed worldwide studies of the use of individual biomass types in the production of iron-ore agglomerate, selected biomass was from oak and pine wood, and nut shells. Due to the nature of the origin of each biomass and the theoretical knowledge of biomass cellular structure and coke, significant differences in the chemical composition of the comparison fuels, physical properties and their behavior during combustion can be assumed. It is clear that the process of partial coke substitution by chosen biomass is influenced by a number of factors that need to be addressed and analyzed. For this reason, the sub[...]

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