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The development of the complex of pulse-modulation amplifiers of voltage and current DOI:10.15199/48.2019.11.47

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The reliable operation of relay protection and automation system (RPA), and electric power system (EPS) in a whole, is mainly determined by the correctness of their functioning algorithms, correspondence of the choosing parameters and calculated settings to the actual operation conditions of the RPA and EPS. Nowadays modern RPA are complex, highly organized devices with wide logical and mathematical functionality. So, tasks of adequate setting up and testing of such devices become even more complex and require the availability of the necessary equipment: a simulation system (hardware real-time simulation system, and signal amplifiers for closed loop testing/hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation of the real RPA [1, 2, 3]. This test method allows the most complete investigation of the main features of RZA. The scheme of HIL simulation includes a signal source (for example, simulation system like a RTDS [4, 5], HYPERSIM [6], Hybrid Real-Time Power System Simulator (HRTSim) [7, 8]), wherein the part of EPS and the protected object are modeled), amplifiers of voltage and current, and a tested RPA (Fig. 1). Fig.1. Bloch-diagram of HIL simulation In Fig. 2 the examples of such testing scheme, wherein the part of EPS and the protected object are modelled in the HRTSim, while the developed complex of pulse-modulation amplifiers (PMAmp), which includes the voltage and current amplifiers (VAmp and IAmp) to interconnect with the real tested RPA. In this paper the results of the development of PMAmp, including three VAmp units and three IAmp, a power supply block (12 V/200 A), comparison of the developed VAmp and IAmp with existing analogues by the main parameters of amplifiers, as well as evaluation of the regulation characteristic of the VAmp and IAmp, the value of gains depending on the frequency of input signals and the phase accuracy of the output signal is presented. Main Principles Of Deveplemoed Of The PMAmp The VAmp units a[...]

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