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Application of PCA for early leak detection in a pipeline system of a steam boiler DOI:10.15199/48.2019.10.43

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Continuous technological progress and increasing complexity of modern manufacturing plants require specialized solutions which can provide sufficiently high level of reliability and guarantee safety of the technical personnel. Despite increasing reliability of all elements of the plant and substantial development of computer-based plant control systems, a variety of faults of technological components, measurement equipment, control devices and staff errors can cause serious material or human losses. That is why the efficient tools for automatic (or at least semiautomatic) on-line fault detection and diagnosis of the production processes are extremely important. A major concern in implementation of a fault detection system is its capability of indentifying incipient faults, while maintaining the false alarm rate to an acceptable minimum. Fault diagnosis methods can be divided into three main categories [1]: 1) model based, using mathematical formulation of the knowledge about the system (expressed in the form of physical, balance and chemical equations or the black-box or grey-box model) to detect and analyze faults; 2) signal processing based, using spectral analysis, principal component analysis (PCA), wavelet transforms and fast Fourier transforms (FFTs) to analyze system behavior and identify faults; 3) artificial intelligence based, using neural networks, fuzzy systems, expert systems, support vector machines (SVM) or grey correlation to develop diagnostic systems that, once trained, can identify specific faults. Boilers are important components in power, chemical and oil refinery industries; they transform water into steam for power generation or other industrial applications. A common boiler fault is the tube leakage in the riser and downcomer sections due to aging and thermal stress. Early detection of such faults during device operation is important, as it helps in reducing possible damage to equipment and prod[...]

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