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The assessment of the processes of aging of the electric machines with structural unit defects using the genetic approach DOI:10.15199/48.2019.01.37

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Flexibility is one of the main features of contemporary production. First of all, it means a capability to quickly readjust to the issue of a new product. In this case, it is necessary to meet a number of basic requirements to the technological equipment foremost determining its efficiency and reliability indices. As a rule, the most part of this equipment is partially or completely automated. This, along with the use of control facilities, implies the presence of controlled devices, first of all, various electric machines (EM). They chiefly determine energy consumption and partially - the reliability of the whole equipment. Having comparatively long mean-timebetween failures, most often, such EMs are not subject to change during the modernization of the equipment [1]. However, everybody knows that their parameters and characteristics deteriorate during long-term operation and repairs due to their aging [2]. Nowadays universal approaches to the analysis of aging processes in technical systems, including EMs, are practically absent. The idea of EM aging did not widely spread in the technical and research literature because of the impossibility of its exact description and mathematical representation. However in this case we can consider it as partial loss of the properties and characteristics by the basic structural materials, elements and whole EMs under the influence of external factors occurring in the process of operation and repairs with the course of time. As the final stage of this process is of little practical interest, one can consider the moment of time when EM does not provide the required technological conditions or when the expenditure on their operation essentially influences the cost of the issued product to be the limit of aging. Thus, the substantiation of the principles of taking into account the processes of EM aging is an important scientific-research problem. In the future, it will enable forecasting[...]

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