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Operating Assessment of Local Power Grid Development Considered Captive Power Plant and Expanding Structure DOI:10.15199/48.2019.08.19

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In principle, the power system (PS) is related to the process of converting primary energy sources and consumers as users of converted energy. So far, the energy conversion process has been carried out with applied technology which is now able to convert natural resources into a type of energy that can be used through a series of certain processes in the generating unit. On the other hand, power systems are prepared with various levels of electricity network services to form interconnection networks that connect generating units and load centers. In general, an integrated network power system (INPS) is widely used to integrate all sections [1], [2]. At present, INPS is a large network and consists of complex integrated companies and operators to control operations [3]-[6]. In general, this system is used to maintain the availability and adequacy of sustainable energy as long as customers use utilities [7]-[11]. In addition, this network is also used to combine all generating units located close to various primary energy sources. In addition, this network is also connected to the load center at different distances for power delivery. Nowadays, the INPS is displayed by integrating a local power grid (LPG) to increase the guarantee of performances [12]-[15]. On the other hand, LPG continues to look for applied technologies as well as acceptable for the operation. Technically, LPG is operated in the classification structure which is used to supply power demands in accordance with the connections at backbone systems [2]. In particular, customers are growing faster with increasing power demand, thus, it is requiring a different generation system area with the addition of a power plant. To cover this condition, the power balance must be acceptable for energy producers and users with a reasonable low cost [16]-[19]. Increased PS operation that is guaranteed based on LPG performance is an important aspect of the level of system de[...]

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