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Surface condition of La2Zr2O7 based TBC system after hot corrosion in molten sulfate Na2SO4 salts DOI:10.15199/40.2019.3.4

  1. Introducion Resistance against degradation under aggressive liquid deposit conditions is one of the most important aspects in determining the overall durability of thermal barrier coatings systems. This problem is also an area of intensive investigations related to designing new ceramic materials that demonstrate resistance against liquid deposits. The presence of these sediments is the result of impurities located in the fuel, such as sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium and vanadium among others [3]. At high operating temperatures, the liquid deposits “stick" to the working surface of high-temperature elements in a turbine. Then, they melt and react with the surface material (metallic substrate or coatings, as well as PhD Anna Jasik - is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy of the Silesian University of Technology. In 1999 she graduated from the Faculty of Metallurgy at the Silesian University of Technology, then in the years 1999-2005 she was a PhD student in the field of Materials Science and Metallurgy. The scope of her scientific interests includes new ceramic materials with very good insulating properties, especially on the basis of zirconium oxide modified with oxides of rare earth elements. She does research in the field of numerical simulations using the finite element method (FEM) of state of stress and temperature distribution in multilayer thermal sprayed coatings, primarily in coating thermal barriers (TBC). She is the author and co-author of many scientific publications in this area published in recognized journals of national and international range. E-mail: anna.jasik@polsl.pl Grzegorz Moskal, DSc, PhD, Eng. Associated Prof. - born in 1975 y. in Chorzow. An employee of the Faculty of Materials Science and Metallurgy of the Silesian University of Technology. In 1999 he was graduated in Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy and in the years 1999-2004 he[...]

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