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Selected examples of plastometric researches

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A plastometric research on a torsion plastometer enables to carry out a physical simulation of forming in a wide range of deformation conditions. Two low-carbon microalloyed steel samples with different ratio of carbon, or Ceq respectively, were subjects to a simulation of structurally controlled rolling. In this way, it is possible to compare directly the values of deformation stress gained whi[...]

Optimization of 34CrMo4 Steel Grade Properties

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Inner inhomogeneities of coarse cavities type have occurred during rolling of square cross-section billets of side of which being 240 mm or 260 mm respectively from steel grade 34CrMo4 for cylinders. Due to specific technological reasons the billets are made from round cross-section continuously cast semiproduct diameter of which is 410 mm or 525 mm respectively. In this work the problem was ev[...]

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