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Optymalizacja technologii jednoczesnej ekstrakcji flawonoidów i polifenoli z igieł cedrowych z wykorzystaniem metody powierzchni odpowiedzi DOI:10.15199/62.2019.6.27

  Igły sosnowe to liście drzew z rodzaju Pinus, w tym sosny czarnej, sosny chińskiej, sosny Huashan, sosny Yunnan i sosny Masson. Do rodziny Pinaceae należy również cedr. Obszar lasów sosnowych stanowi ponad 40% powierzchni lasów w prowincji Anhui, zwłaszcza w południowej części kraju, w której przebywa autor. Sporządzanie leków z igieł sosnowych ma długą historię. W kompendium Materia medica zanotowano, że igły sosnowe Pine needles are needle-like leaves of pinus including black pine, Chinese pine, Huashan pine, Yunnan pine, masson pine, and cedar. China has abundant pine needle resources. Pine forest area accounts for more than 40% of the forest area in Anhui Province, especially in the southern part of the country where the author is located. There is a long history of pine needle medication. Compendium of Materia Medica records that pine needles smell bitter, warmth and non-toxic, which makes people not old if take long time, and can light body and breath, attend rheumatism, promote hair growth, benefit the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidney and keep heart empty and quiet as well as increase satiety and prolong life. According to the newest observations, the pine needle extract contains really many active ingredients beneficial to human body, mainly flavonoids and polyphenols1). Numerous research data indicate that plant flavonoids and polyphenols have various biological activities. For example, the flavonoids have antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory actions while the polyphenols prevent vascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and radiationas well as have anti-tumor and antiosteoporosis actions2-5). Because of the higher safety and biological activity, the flavonoids and polyphenols extracted from plants are more suitable for food and health products than other similar products such as synthetic rutin and have become a hot spot for research and development2). At present, the research is focused on the si[...]

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