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Cellwood Machinery: Uznany lider w swoich dziedzinach

  For more than a century, the family owned Cellwood Group has been developing and manufacturing machinery and other equipment for the sawmill, pulp and paper industries. Cellwood continuously invest in the development of new technologies and new know-how, which helps in securing a strong position for the future both for Cellwood as well as for their customers. Cellwood safeguards long term customer relations. Not only as an equipment supplier, but also as a partner and trouble-shooter with the customer’s needs in focus. This can be seen in the large number of customers that keeps coming back to Cellwood for their new projects, which in itself is a testament to the reliability and high quality of Cellwoods products and services KRIMA DISPERSION Cellwood is the world leader with regard to the dispersion of waste paper and the KRIMA Dispersing system is installed in the majority of recycled mills in the world. The first KRIMA system was delivered as early as 1973. At present, with over 520 i[...]

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