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Inspection and characterization of random physical property defects by stochastic finite element method DOI:10.15199/48.2019.08.23

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Non-destructive techniques are used widely in the industry and science in order to control and evaluate the quality of materials without causing damage [1]. The most commonly used NDT methods are ultrasonic testing (UT), radiography (RT) and eddy current testing [2] . Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is the standard and one of the most extensively used nondestructive technique method of electric conductivity and magnetic permeability related property in conductive materials in order to evaluate them [1,3]. Whose main applications are found especially in the inspection of aircraft and nuclear industries [4,5], power plants and other engineering constructions [6]. Eddy Current sensors can be made to operate in differential [7] and absolute mode [8]. ECT gain interest in of simple, fast and noncontact testing [9]. Stochastic Finite Element Method SFEM is an extension of the classical deterministic approach for the solution of stochastic problems. It has received considerable attention, due to the rapid development of computer simulation, mathematical modeling and scientific computing to predict and understand the behavior of physical engineering and electromagnetic devices [10,11,12]. The Monte Carlo method is powerful, popular and easy to understand and implement, it is often used in the literature as a reference method in order to check the accuracy of other approaches. It has a large field applications such as analyzing complex problems, development of new material, industrial engineering, simulation of physical process and analysis of nonlinear inverse problems [10,13,14]. Various parameters induce change to the properties of the materials over time which is still in operation, not defective. It’s why in this work we assume the defect as a lack of material, corrosion, imperfections of fabrication process or aging. To take in account the effect of random physical properties in defects areas by coupling Monte Carlo method[...]

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