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Power Loss Minimization by Voltage Transformer Turns Ratio Selection based on Particle Swarm Optimization DOI:10.15199/48.2019.08.28

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Power losses in electrical grids represent one of the essential indicators of effectiveness. The power losses in electrical grids are the difference between power generated by power plants and power consumed by customers. The losses occur in power transformer and power lines, especially when transmission energy over long distances. Voltage control noted of power system it allows to solve the following main tasks [1, 2]: - balancing between generation and consumption; - providing the required voltage level at the terminals (outputs) of consumers of electric energy. There is voltage regulation on the longitudinal and transverse directions. Providing the required level of voltage at the terminals of consumers of electric energy is solved mainly by longitudinal regulation [2, 3, 4]. The existing centralized management system prevents many active objects from appearing in the network. The basis in the centralized system is the control center, where the modes of operation of all control objects are determined [3, 5]. When a new object or a change in the desire of the subjects, it is necessary to reconfigure the system, which is a very time-consuming process. The emergence of distributed means of voltage regulation in the network, belonging to different subjects, having their own goals of regulation, determines the need for a qualitatively new solution to the problem of voltage regulation in electric networks. It is necessary to develop new methods to control the modes of operation of power supply systems, including distributed generation. Currently, worldwide attention is paid to the creation of intelligent power supply networks (Smart Grid). In high and medium voltage networks, there are large power flows, accompanied by significant losses. The problem of reducing power losses during transmission can be solved through transverse voltage regulation. The problem of voltage regulation can be solved by adjusting the power factor [...]

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