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High-speed Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motors, Properties and Prospective Applications DOI:10.15199/48.2019.08.30

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Technological advancement contributes to the increase of applications of high-speed electrical drives. Drives with high-speed motors are used in a wide range of manufacturing industries including machine industries, car manufacturing, model making, dentistry, military industry as well as in devices producing electrical energy from biogas or steam, to mention just a few. The ideal high - speed motor should be small in size, have high performance, be simple to operate and reliable. Currently mass produced high-speed motors have speeds of about 20 - 30 000 rpm. Permanent Magnet Brushless Direct Current motors (PM BLDC), are particularly efficient where high-speed applications are involved. The PM BLDC motors are characterized by a relatively simple design, high specific power, relatively small dimensions, a low moment of inertia and good dynamic properties [18]. They are smaller and require simpler control circuits than induction motors. PM BLDC motors are also very reliable which makes them particularly suitable for high-speed applications [6]. Motors used in high-speed electrical drives It is commonly assumed that high-speed motors are motors working at a speed exceeding 10 000rpm [1, 2]. The authors of the present paper, however, are of the opinion that a distinction should be made for motors of a lower, medium and higher speed ranges. It is therefore suggested that motors having power within the range of a few kilo watts should be distinguished as follows: 􀁸 Lower speed range, including motors with speeds ranging from 10 000 - 40 000 rpm; 􀁸 Medium speed range, including motors with speeds ranging from 40 000 - 70 000 rpm; 􀁸 Higher speed range, including motors with speeds ranging from 70 000 - 100 000 rpm. Motors with speeds exceeding 100 000 rpm should be named ultra-high-speed motors. Currently the most popular high-speed motors are: 􀁸 Electromagnetic synchronous motors; 􀁸[...]

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