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Wpływ primerów na jakość odbitek cyfrowych atramentowych DOI:10.15199/54.2019.3.2

  Introduction According to analysts forecasts, digital inkjet printing is today the most promising and according to specialists’ forecasts, in the coming years, the high growth rates will be maintained in the production of printing and packaging products. The quality of the inkjet printing depends on many parameters: the categories and technical characteristics of the selected equipment, as well as paper, which should have special surface properties. Therefore, when using ordinary offset paper in digital printing machines, before printing it, a primer is applied to improve the wetting of its surface with ink. The primer provides a constant surface tension, prevents ink from being absorbed by paper. Primers in inkjet printing can be applied selectively using a special separate print head or the entire surface. Since the primer does not have a long drying time, it is applied directly during the printing process. It is known that for improving the surface properties of paper widely used primers based on polyvinyl alcohol (further PVA). It incre[...]

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