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Calculation of Characteristic Impedance of Eccentric Rectangular Coaxial Lines

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In this paper the characteristic impedance for coaxial lines with a rectangular inner and outer conductor, concentric, eccentric and with rotated structure, has been obtained by using the Equivalent Electrodes Method (EEM). Our results have been compared with those reported in the literature, obtained by other analytical and numerical methods, and those obtained by using the COMSOL Multiphysics software package and a very good agreement with those results has been found. Streszczenie. W artykule przedstawiono obliczenia impedancji charakterystycznej linii koncentrycznej z prostokątnym przewodnikiem usytuowanym centrycznie i ekscentrycznie. Obliczenia wykonano z wykorzystaniem metody ekwiwalentnych elektrod EEM. (Obliczenia impedancji charakterystycznej linii koncentrycznej z ekscentrycznym przewodem prostokątnym) Keywords: Rectangular coaxial line, Equivalent Electrodes Method, Characteristic impedance. Słowa kluczowe: linia koncentryczna, impedancja charakterystyczna. Introduction As rectangular coaxial lines are commonly used in microwave technology to transmit energy, it is very important to know their characteristic parameters. The main parameters are: the capacitance per unit length, the inductance per unit length, and characteristic impedance. Exact analytical solutions for the determination of these parameters are not possible and so numerical methods and approximate analytical expressions are used to obtain them. Since the early 1960s several authors have been interested in analysing rectangular coaxial lines. The first significant analysis was performed by Chen [1] using the Schwarz-Christoffel transformation and approximate analytical expressions for the capacitance and inductance per unit length and characteristic impedance of rectangular coaxial lines were presented. Various other approximate analytical solutions for the capacitance per unit length, especially corner capacitance, have been presented in [2]. In 1965, [...]

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