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Modelling microgrid as the basis for creating a smart grid model DOI:10.15199/48.2019.08.11

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In these days "Smart" is as a very popular term. It usually refers to different products with an increasing degree of computing power. Smart products such as smart phone, smart TV or other smart electronics with a variety of features and applications are now very popular. Electricity is currently a strategic "raw material" and its importance in the future years is clearly growing. For this reason, increasing emphasis is placed on the stability, safety and security of the electricity supply to end customers. Therefore, the computerization is increasingly being introduced into the electricity system during the time. Very popular is also the new term "Smart Grid". Despite the high popularity of this term, it is not always clear what is meant by it. Smart Grid is often referred to as the network of the future, a network capable of providing a high proportion of distributed production. During the time Smart Grid has almost attracted the attribute of a magic wand able to solve all the problems associated with renewable energy sources connected to the distribution network while reducing the final price of electricity for customers. Among the many definitions available, Fereidon P. Sioshansi's statement is the most interesting and he interprets the term Smart Grid as follows: "Smart Grid is the best thing we can, but we do not know what it is." The many of projects, articles and publications focus on theme of Smart Grid, as well as foreign and domestic conferences. Despite the great popularity, there is a wide inconsistency in the definition of this term. Nevertheless, Smart Grid is often referred also to as the network capable of using more renewable energy sources and distributed production than the current network. Comprehension of the current Smart Grid network is rather difficult and from costs perspective expensive. It is a long-term process that binds capital over many years. Therefore, it requires a strong commitment[...]

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